Which is the best DTH? Do DTH rates vary from state to state?

If seen, "The best DTH is the one in which you get the best picture quality and at the same time you can get good channels with great sound, but it depends on which smart TV you are using." Because it is very important to have sound quality and good quality television too." In such a situation, if you have a good smart television which is called "Smart TV" in today's time, then there is a lot of DTH set top box for you. which you can use. Let's talk about some of the best DTH set top boxes for you.
1. Airtel Digital TV
Airtel itself is such a brand that it is foolish to speak with your mouth. In such a situation, even if you have to collect information about such a big brand, then it is hardly difficult. If you are a mobile user of Airtel then you must be using mobile. In such a situation, from there you will take only two minutes to book digital TV from your mobile app. But will you be able to get the best price out there? Maybe not.
If you only say one dialogue, "Jab par dish savar hai dish savar hai", then you must have probably understood who had advertised it. Yes, you got it right, "Dish TV". Best rate if any That's Dish TV. Because you will get the lowest rate and enjoy more channels in this. In such a situation, you must talk to our customer care for which channels you will get. To talk to All India DTH customer care, you must top Mobile number is given you can take the number and talk to our customer care representative from there.
Videocon D2H is a very great and quality DTH service in itself, whose customer care support is the best. If you want to know about channels, then you have to download its app and from there you get complete information. If you are wondering who gets into so much trouble. Then you need to talk to our customer care. You will get the best quality picture as well as the best rate in Video Con D2H only.
4. Tata Play
By the way, the name Tata Sky is also the biggest name in itself, because who does not know the name of Ratan Tata ji in this world today? Tata Sky - "Isko Laga Dala To Life Zinga Lala" and this dialogue was liked so much that children still remember this dialogue on the child's tongue. Earlier Tata Sky DTH and its name has been changed to Tata Play.
5. Sun Direct DTH
Sun Direct DTH was given a very good response by the people, due to which this name was very much in vogue in the initial period but due to the arrival of Tata Sky (Tata Play), Dish TV, Videocon D2H and Jio DTH in the market, its market got worse. Because of this, its service and sales are very negligible.
Do DTH rates vary from state to state?
Yes, if we talk about this, i.e. in 2022, the rates of DTH are different in all the states, if we talk about South then the rate of DTH is the lowest and if we talk about the most expensive rate of DTH then the highest rate is North. In. Now the reason for this may also be that the demand supply is highest in the North and very less in the South and the reason is also that the TRP of TV will probably be the highest in the North.

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